Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Qiwellness spa: Impressions

We got an invite to try Qiwellness (pronounced: chiwellness) a month ago but we were so busy with work that it was only last week one of us got to actually go and try their services. Ninin was still tied up at work but fortunately, a friend willingly obliged to go with me to Qiwellness.

I can't stress enough on how much we enjoyed our treatments. So for us to encapsulate and share the fun with you, we decided to do 3 different posts on it. Read on for part one!

Mr. Ken Tuazon of Qiwellness scheduled our treatments for us and mentioned that he'll be meeting us first to briefly explain the treatments we were going to have. Loved the fact that Ken and Ina were very very accomodating! Ken led us to the lounge to relax while their staff prepared our treatment rooms. He also took that time to explain our treatments (more on those in the next posts!)
The Lounge. This is also where mani/pedi treatments are done. 

Ina gave us some Jasmine tea with lemongrass to drink while we wait.

For sheer simplicity’s sake, we sorted our initial impressions and observations.

Observation 1: Different approach to spas 
Other spas that I’ve visited before usually have the typical zen-type or nature-inspired interiors. Qiwellness chose to have a different perspective – clean, modern, and fresh. They took advantage of the building’s big windows by painting their walls white and, thus, letting more light come in.

Ken also emphasized that their spa veers away from the idea of ‘luxurious treatments’. Instead they are capitalizing on simpler, more personal treatments. This can be observed when one looks at their list of services. No caviar facial treatments are present but there are lots of massages that focus on problem areas.

Observation 2: Prices
Spas that cater to hotels are usually expensive but with Qiwellness, body treatments are affordably priced. Case in point, the 2-hour treatments we had (which consisted of scrub/massage or scrub/mask) cost around Php1,800 to Php1,900 each.

Observation 3: Well-trained therapists
Their therapists seem to have magical hands! The stress of Christmas shopping has made our skin suffer and muscles tense. But their combination of gentle and heavy strokes has helped us relax and even fall asleep.

Edit (Thanks ManilaGirl for noticing): Qiwellness is located at 119 LP Leviste Street, Picasso Suites, Salcedo Village, Makati City. Contact them at 556.1818/ 836.3688/ 0916.793.6666. Or visit their website.

On to what I wore that day..

Bat-sleeved blouse with crown print: iCandy
Khaki shorts: Mango
Beaded sandals: Payless

If you want to read more on Qiwellness, please click the links to our two other posts Qiwellness spa: Mother of Pearl Treatment and Qiwellness spa: Qitranquility Package.


  1. Hey The Manila Girl! Thanks for noticing. I edited the post to include Qiwellness' contact details. Anyway, to lessen the hassle, here it is: Picasso Suites, 119 LP Leviste Street Salcedo Village Makati City
    t. 556 1818
    836 3688
    m. 0916 793 6666



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