Thursday, December 23, 2010

Breakfast at Antonio's

Last weekend, my office mates and I went to Tagaytay as a sort of last hurrah-slash-despedida for one of our bosses (this post is for you Sir!) My boss and his girl treated us to the BEST that Tagaytay can offer. One of the highlights of our trip (at least for me) was our breakfast-slash-lunch at Antonio's :)

Antonio's for most is an unknown destination in Tagaytay but much has been written about it by food enthusiasts, even getting into Miele guide's top 20 Asian restaurants. For me, my knowledge of Antonio's dates back to around 2006 when we were refused entry to the restaurant. Hehe. Then, the restaurant was a "reservations-only" place so we ended up eating at their "branch"(?) overlooking the lake which only served breakfast. Apparently now, that "branch" no longer exists and they've finally made public their restaurant which is nicely tucked in the middle of the fields.

Getting there is quite a challenge because it's a bit far from the highway. But believe me when I say, it is worth the long drive!

 The place is just so relaxing and has this whimsical appeal to it. I particularly adore how everything seems in place up to the smallest detail.

 The place is not airconditioned but with Tagaytay weather dining al fresco is encouraged.

Since the place was on the pricey side, we opted for their breakfast menu which is a bit cheaper compared to the Lunch selection. So on with the food! (warning: photo overdose coming up)

So okay, obviously, I didn't order those. Haha. So what did I order?
Triple Mushroom Crepe
I was really pleased to find that they used Portobello mushrooms for the crepe. I love portobello mushrooms because they taste like meat. I tried really hard to identify the two other mushrooms used in the recipe (since it's called triple mushroom crepe) but I couldn't. Some pieces looked like Shiitake but I'm unsure since each piece tasted the same to me.

This would have been the BEST mushroom crepe I've ever had if only they didn't put truffle oil in it. For some reason, I gag at the taste of truffles perhaps because I overdosed on my last trip to China.

 (So cute how the "Petite" size is literally petite!)

My friends claim that the hot chocolate is divine! I have to take their word for it co'z I'm really no chocolate fan. I am however a coffee/tea person so when my boss offered to share his fresh tea with me, I gladly accepted.

Seriously, the tea is amazing! I could drink it all day!
I wish I knew what herbs were in the tea co'z I badly want to recreate it but unfortunately for us, the chef (Antonio himself) didn't come out to mingle that time. I sorely wanted to interview him about his food!

Overall, my dining experience at Antonio's was very pleasant much more because I had great company. The food was a bit pricey but really, you're paying for the overall experience.

Antonio's is located at Bgy. Neogan, Tagaytay


  1. Hey love, maybe we should go there sometime? :) Food looks so delicious!

  2. About the tea, wasn't it taragon? :-)

    Fabulous brunch you had! :-) Is it hard to be vegetarian? I can't imagine life without meat... yet. But I'm thinking of challenging myself to go veg. Haha.

  3. @the manila girl: Waaaah, I don't know!! hahaha :P there were a bunch of leaves in it so I'm guessing it's a mixture of different kinds of herbs :P

    I fully support you in going vegetarian! I didn't really find that hard before because I was so.... ashamed (I think is the perfect word) at how cruel I was to animals knowing they have feelings too. I guess it was really because I was so motivated that going veg became easy. Good luck girl!


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