Wednesday, December 15, 2010

TMF Gift Idea: Canon S95

NJ mentioned that her camera broke a month ago and that she needed to get a new camera. At that time, S had just recently purchased her own new camera. Never did the TwoMissFits get the chance to discuss their camera purchases with one another. So guess how surprised they were to see each other's camera.

Presenting, the uber amazing Canon Powershot S95:

We proclaim that the S95 is by far the best point and shoot camera to date. It is packed with all the features a basic DSLR possesses without the "bulk".

Tested by a photographer friend, she claims that the camera is genius and is indeed comparable to a DSLR-- save of course for the lens. But really, if you're no professional you don't need all the added accessories.

The S95 has all the features of a DSLR but in all honesty, I don't even want to try to study all its functions because I'm not patient like that. I'm more of the literal "point and shoot" girl. The closest I get to "professional" looking shots are my macro shots just because that's my favorite camera function.

Well, the S95 turns out to be my perfect companion because its auto function is enough for ALL kinds of shots. Every single one turns out perfect even without adjusting the settings.

We are so happy with the S95, we highly recommend it to everyone! If you want a camera that works as a camera (and not just as a fashionable gadget), then the S95 is for you!

The S95 retails for Php27,950.00

For more information and to read the complete specs, check out

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