Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Love always, Starbucks

And because I felt a bit guilty that I didn't get to show you all the items from Starbucks' Valentine's collection, I trooped to Starbucks during lunch and took pictures of the other tumblers (yuh, I love you all that much!):

Not as striking as the "All I need is you and coffee", but cute nonetheless. It's simple and like what it says, it's dainty and sweet.
This is one of the crowd favorites: Coffee = heart :) How true!

...while this one is my personal favorite

Why? Because one, it has roses on it and I am a huge sucker for roses and two, because of this:
 Pink insides!!! Gaaaah, I died! It's too cute!

Really, I am obsessing over Starbucks' Valentine's collection. This is the only time (ever) that I found myself liking almost all designs. I mean, I've been frequenting Starbucks more than half of my life but it's only now that I got this obsessed over their designs. Kudos to this year's designers! I am a fan! *clap, clap!

Again, if you find yourself liking any of the designs, BUY IT IMMEDIATELY. Take the "All I need is you and coffee" tumbler as example-- it's no longer available at the branch I went to. It sells so fast! So don't pause to hesitate, when it comes to Starbucks tumblers, it's always just "go, go, go!"

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