Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teenage Dream

Imma get your heart racing, in my skin-tight jeans. I'll be your teenage dream tonight :)

Here's what I wore to the Katy Perry concert. As I said in my last post, I didn't come prepared for the concert, much more planned what I was going to wear. The one thing that stuck in my head was Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. It's one of my favorite Katy Perry songs so while I was looking for an outfit to wear, that became my inspiration. So for Katy's concert, I went as the ultimate chick--the teenage dream.

I know, my shoes doesn't look too appropriate for a concert but I'm one of those few people who are much more comfortable in heels than in flats. Besides, those lace-up booties are one of my most comfortable pairs, I could literally walk in them for hours without pain.
Normally, I don't like being called a chick because it feels so downgrading. But as one of my close friends pointed out, my look and how I do some things categorize me under the typical "chick".

Now, it doesn't bother me that much anymore. There's nothing bad or shameful in looking like a "chick". At the end of the day, it's a matter of respect. If you're comfortable who you are and you're not offending anyone, then you can be whatever you want to-- be it a chick or non-chick.
You make me feel
like I'm living a teenage dream

Dress- Cherry Float
Lace up booties - Parisian


  1. love your outfit! definitely a fashionista. oh and i do admire you girl - wearing heels for a concert? gosh my feet would probably be screaming in pain in about 2 hours standing.

    1. haha, I am one of those weird ones who are more comfortable in heels than in flats :P

      thank you Liz!


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