Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Random Raccoon

January's half-way done and God has been kind enough to shower me with a jam-packed birthday month. It has been so adventure-filled that I've been losing sleep (hence the post's title) but I'm not complaining. Yes, I look like a raccoon again. My eye bags and dark under-circles are out and partyin' with me too. Haha.

Anyway, here are snapshots of what I've been doing the first 3 weeks of this month...
Pre-birthday dinner with high school friends at Mr. Jones Greenbelt 5 (no pictures), birthday lunch with officemates and birthday dinner with family (no pictures) and post-birthday lunch with bestfriend
 Attended a Fairyland-themed kiddie party and an open-air wedding (while it was raining!)

Surprises abound! I got these two (Blackout Chocolate Cake from Poco Deli and Hershey's Chocolate Kisses) and a special Starbucks breakfast delivery throughout the past weeks.
Lounging around with my newest favorite boy.

BBM-ing like cuh-razy
Went to Subic and Liw-liwa, San Felipe, Zambales one fine weekend and I...

*sorry, I forgot to note where I grabbed the picture

Finally got my mojo back and started writing again. Haha!

Got reunited with my Staedtler pens. Time for creative projects :)
So there, I've been busy doing corporate stuff since January 2 that it feels like it's already mid-2012. Haha. My point is that I still find time to sit back, relax and unwind with my friends and family. To cap this post, here's something I found's an old (overused, even) saying but this one has an 'edge'. Anyway, I'd like to make it my 'motto' for 2012..
Not for the faint-hearted


  1. Belated happy birthday dear! Looks like you definitely enjoyed your birthday! :)


  2. weeeh! you have a new dog?? so cute! I wanna see, I wanna see! haha. I miss you S! It's been so long! we need to chat!

  3. Hahahaha. Nope dear, that's not my dog. Hehe. I miss you too! Could we please meet on Saturday?? Hahaha. Wait, I'll text you :)

  4. i like how you still manage to get some time for yourself despite the busy corporate life :D

    1. Thanks Hazel! :) Work hard, play (or party) harder, right? Hehehe. :)


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