Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pinka dotted

Nothing says new year better than polka dots. Here's what I wore to usher in 2012:

I knoooow, it's black-- AGAIN. I just really like wearing black and my Chinese horoscope even says that black is one of my lucky colors so there :P I think the hot pink skirt is festive enough to offset all the black :) Sorry for the sad eyes btw, I've been feeling sick the entire weekend, in fact, I even had to skip work yesterday co'z I was still down with the flu.

I'm really excited for 2012. I think much more than the idea of starting fresh, I'm excited for 2012 because of the continuity of things. 2011 was a great year for me. Despite the drama and occasional downturns, it was a good year and I'm excited to continue all the good things I've started in 2011.
I'm also thankful for all the people I've met and the experiences I had last year and now I'm ready to face 2012 armed with more insights, wisdom (hopefully) and support from people who truly matter :)

Allow me also to thank you, our readers, for continually showing us support. This blog is just a hobby of ours-- really, just an outlet for our creative juices so we won't lose our sanity from working too much. But over the years, we have been given a lot of opportunities we never thought would be handed us, if not for this blog. So, again, THANK YOU!!!

Dress: Donna Sese of Love Humbly Shop
Shoes: Parisian
Ring: Gifted


  1. aww you look so blooming babe! And the dress is just perfect on you! :)

  2. wow, thank you Denise! That's so sweet :) I actually thought I look wasted on the pictures co'z I was feeling unwell

  3. Love your dress and I totally agree that black is not unlucky at all! Happy new year! :)



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