Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Spinach shake, anyone?

I'm not kidding! Who wants Spinach shake? *raises hands frantically* me! me!

Yup. That's right folks, I made me a Spinach shake or what is commonly known as a "green shake". Why, you ask? No particular reason. Or maybe because I'm vegetarian and going the "healthy" route comes second nature to me. But then, maybe co'z I'm just weird and experimental like that.

Green shakes are good because if taken regularly, it boosts the immune system. It's also good for detoxification and is said to promote weight loss (don't ask me how). It's also a great way of incorporating vegetables in your every day meals. It's very natural and simple, really does make for a healthy alternative drink-- (yuh, I'm trying to limit my coffee intake to just one cup per day)

I've never tried a green shake before. I don't even know what it's supposed to taste like but the idea of drinking something so healthy is so appealing I just had to try it! Well, it turned out to a real success, I have to share with you my recipe! (oops, don't expect much, it's not a sophisticated "recipe" or something)

The next steps are super easy, you just have to blend everything together:
Pour water
Drop in the Spinach leaves
Add the pineapple chunks first. I like adding the bananas towards the end so they don't get too mashed up and watery.
 Blend well, and adjust taste based on your preference. For this batch, I used around 2 cups of pineapple, and 4 medium-sized bananas. I also added a tablespoon of honey just because I like honey. You don't need to actually co'z the fruits are already sweet on their own. So there you go! My very own green shake!

Fine, it doesn't look so appealing but it tastes so good!--actually, the taste is not hard to imagine. It tastes of pineapple and banana! It's like any other fruit shake. For some reason, you can't even taste the Spinach anymore. If not for the green color, you'd forget you put it in.

I am so pleased with this "discovery". Really, there are so many recipes out there which can convince you that healthy food doesn't taste bad. It's just a matter of trying it. Who knows, you might even end up loving and possibly craving the taste :)

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  1. omg idk how it tastes but i think it was great bcs there is pineapples. this juice must be very healthy! I love your blog, all contents are amazing <3

    follow me if you love to, and i’ll follow you back :)


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