Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No fuss dining at Fire Lake Grill, Tagaytay

On a visit to Tagaytay, I found myself dining at Fire Lake Grill.

Ring a bell? For most it probably won't (admittedly, I haven't hear of the restaurant before this), but now that I've tried their cuisine, there's a big chance you'd be hearing more of 'em from our blog from here on. Here's what we ate:

Fire Lake gives out complimentary bread and butter. The dinner rolls are baked in-house. Lucky for us, they just literally finished baking so the rolls couldn't get any fresher than this!

I ordered the tomato risotto which is basically risotto with tomato, basil and pine nuts. The sauce was a bit on the sour side but the freshness of all the ingredients together worked so well that it made for a tasty dish. I actually finished this in record time which suprised me considering I didn't think of it as extremely tasty at first.
Mom ordered the grilled prawns on a bed of angel hair pasta, arugula and portobello mushroom. I got to eat the portobello which was perfectly grilled and super yum! Mom attests to the freshness and delicateness of the dish so I'm taking her word for it.

 I've only sampled very few dishes from the restaurant but those I've tried holds promise so I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one. You may want to try dining here too when you find yourself in Tagaytay. They claim their best sellers are their steaks, which, unfortunately, I cannot taste test for you :P To check out their menu and get yourself a reservation, check out their website www.firelakegrill.com

Fire Lake Grill is located at the Cliffhouse, General Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay

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  1. i like that prawns with pasta!! we should try this soon :) thanks for sharing.


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