Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Goodness in white

The past year has taught me to appreciate wearing whites. Perhaps it's the shift to a suddenly more mature environment defined by sophistication and prescriptions on what makes a lady but for some reason, wearing whites suddenly felt proper.
I don't love white but I like the color and what it symbolizes.
I particularly like that it's attributed to "goodness". I've always had this thing for good girls. Most often, good girls are seen as boring and there is even premium on the idea of them being less fun. It's like defining fun with the phrase, "when good girls go bad"--why do good girls have to turn bad first for them be seen as fun? It's ridiculous.

There are so many songs written about it. Even Rihanna named her album after it. The idea of being bad has suddenly become so appealing. Like how girls swoon over "bad boys" or how "bad girls" are seen as sexy vixens (hello? bad girls can be fat and ugly too). Really, the idea is hilarious and so contradicting! We grew up being taught how to be "good". Now that we're old, being good suddenly became less of an ideal. Why is it like that? I mean, all these things that define fun and being an interesting person doesn't entail one to have vices or to break rules. You can be all that and more without resorting to mean strategies and making a fool of yourself.

I have very high respect for people who are "good". So what if you're a good girl or good boy? So what if you don't drink or smoke or have casual flings? It doesn't make you less of a person, it just means your values are intact. In the end, it is the good people who get the most out of life-- because they are the ones who recognize that their life's purpose is to spread goodness and touch people through the goodness they bring about with them.

white bodycon dress: H&M
leopard peeptoe pumps: CMG


  1. Agreeing with you every step of the way. But, as I always say with similar posts like this, TV and media seems to have a heavy influence on what "makes" a person. And it's a shame, too. Some girls could really be worth the time (and same can go for guys) if they weren't such douches, 'cuse my language. But on to the good of your look :)

    You look very nice. Although white gathers the stains faster, it makes the article of clothing that much more worthy of wearing ^_^ and a prettier sight as well~

  2. I totally agree! This obsession over bad girls and bad boys is totally ridiculous! Who would want to be with someone who you know you can't trust because they're "bad"?

    Anyway, the white dress totally looks great on you! :)



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