Saturday, January 7, 2012

That's what you get

...when you let your heart win!

For some reason, almost everyone I got to chat with shared love dilemmas since the start of the year. What's up with that? Another eclipse in the works maybe? (haha, I am too much of a believer in astrology). Well, whatever the reason, it just made me think. About love.


Heart break is something shared by a lot of people, it's one of those "go-to" topics at gatherings. Everyone has their own heart breaking tale to tell. It's not to say that relationships and love always end in disaster (I've never been a pessimist). It's just that almost everyone has experienced heart break/ rejection at one point in their lives and that's what makes the feeling universal.

While listening to Paramore this morning, the band explained the why's of heartbreaks:
"That's what you get when you let your heart win"

Yes, they couldn't have explained it better.

We hurt because we love. 
We love because we allow ourselves to feel. 
We feel because it's essential;
like breathing.

So this post goes out to all the people who've been hurt in the past; those in transition; those who feel helpless; and most especially, those who feel hopeful. Keep fighting-- true love will find you in the end :)

Worn one weekend in December while shopping for Christmas gifts. Yes, I wear blazers during weekends. HAHA
Blazer - Liberte
Denim shorts - True Love
Black clogs - Parisian (another of my "default" shoes on weekends)


  1. Love the shoulder cut of your jacket, very edgy! And those shoes, nice too! happy new year! :)

  2. shoot! this post hits me! hahaha guilty one here.. love that song by paramore btw!


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