Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I wore my Kenkoy shirt which Solo gave us last year to put me in "playful" mood.

Unbeknownst to most, my mom is currently in the hospital. I, of course, has been with her the entire time, save for Sunday, when I went home to get more clothes for us.

I am physically and emotionally tired already and to top it off, I have my prelim exams this week which adds to the stress. It really is hard being an only child because you have no one else to depend on. Still, being the perpetual optimist that I am I always feel like I don't have space for self-pity and negativity. When faced with challenges, my positivity switch is turned on and I find myself more energetic and in a way, cheerful. Weird, I know. But I'm truly grateful for this peculiarity co'z it has always been my saving grace.

I was trying to do my "poses" when my dog decided she wanted to play. So I turned on some music and danced like no one was watching!
 And because it was so obvious that my dog wanted to dance with me, I let her join the fun!
 Give me five! (Oh yes, my dog is smart like that!)

Kenkoy Tshirt : Solo
White shorts : bazaar
Wedged sandals : Tiva by FILA


  1. Such a fun post here, haha. Playful dog makes it quite happier ^_^

    Your mom's in my prayers though, as are you as well. That's for sure~

    1. Yup, my dog loves to play :) Thank you Chris for the concern! that's so nice of you


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