Monday, January 16, 2012

Falling in love at Starbucks

Okay. The title might be misleading. Sadly, no, I haven't found love at Starbucks yet. BUT I did fall in love with Starbucks' Valentine's day themed merchandise at first sight!

 All I need is YOU and COFFEE :)

...and it couldn't have said it better :)
There are two other tumbler designs, and two adorable mugs which sadly I didn't get to take a picture of :( Just a bit of advice, when you see a tumbler or mug or whatever at Starbucks, buy it immediately. Starbucks is one of those stores where you have to be impulsive because items fly off the shelves so fast, you don't have time to think.

Advance happy Valentine's Day y'all! Let me leave you Landon Pigg's Falling in Love At A Coffee Shop, which I know, hopeless romantics-slash-coffee goers would like:


  1. cute tumbler!! is that a new item?? gotta get one. i want :D

  2. yup! the 2012 valentine's day series are so nice!

  3. Hey there! I was trying to buy this tumbler but i cant find it. Will you consider selling me for USD100? It would be a big favor to me.Thanks!

    1. Hi Peter! I wish I could, but I already used mine :( so sorry I can't be of help


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