Monday, October 1, 2012

The lawyer within

It's no secret, I've always dreamt of being a lawyer. My dad is a lawyer and maybe it's because of the genes thing but I feel compelled to pursue Law myself. I grew up reading a lot of mystery and crime books and as predicted, my favorite movie of all time is Legally Blonde (doh!). Suffice it to say, I'm a sucker for anything "Attorney-related".

Well, I got a package from BeTv Asia a few weeks back and I couldn't be even more excited!

Erased the lower part of the stamp co'z it had my address on it :P
Atty. Ninin! So cute! My heart went on overdrive when I saw this. *kilig!

The gift is part of a package for Drop Dead Diva's newest season which airs tonight! (yes, tonight!)

In this latest deason, Jane, a plus-sized attorney, becomes home to the spirit of an aspiring model named Deb when their souls crossed paths at death. Given a second chance at life, Deb comes to terms with her new life as Jane, and gradually learns that body size is not the only defntion of beauty. The romantic comedy follows deb as Jane struggling with her new-found intelligence and her feelings for Deb's fiance Grayson; and as she learns to experience love, loss, heartbreak and laughter through new eyes.

Sounds interesting! So, are you with me? Let's watch Drop Dead Diva's latest season tonight at 8:30pm only on BeTv... the place to be! *wink!

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