Friday, September 28, 2012

On Roadtrips and Breakfasts

There's something idyllic and saccharine about spontaneous breakfast trips..especially when you go to an unassuming, secluded place like this..

Went to Antonio's in Tagaytay for brekkie one foggy Tuesday morning. Despite only being armed with a snapshot of the directions to this beautiful restaurant, we were relaxed and we enjoyed traveling.

We decided to eat at the porch and enjoy the greenery.

The chairs caught my attention. Loving the pattern of the metal backrest.

On our way to Tagaytay, we were actually eating food that I ordered to go from a fast-food chain so we weren't that hungry. But once we saw this on the menu, we just had to try it!
Portobello Tagliatelle with Truffle Cream Sauce
This is something that I'd go back to Antonio's for. It was perfection. Even the bread was toasted to golden brown crunchiness.

 We also ordered some beef tapa with egg and my ultimate favorite breakfast drink (aside from coffee), some hot chocolate. The beef tapa was, unfortunately, nothing special.

On our way back to Manila, we passed by Rowena's and bought some tart for friends.

This is the life. Great food, great company, great random travels. <3


  1. I still feel jealous! Still dream we'd get to go on a spontaneous trip like this in the future. Miss my partner-in-crime!

  2. i'm jealous too! i wish i could have spontaneous road trips like this on a workday. hey ladies by the way, i'm doing a giveaway on my blog. Giving out Norton 360 v6 CDs. hope you could join! :)


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