Thursday, September 27, 2012

S goes on a Fridate at a Vegetarian Restaurant!

I am not a Vegetarian. Only Ninin is. But Nin's happy because I'm not one to shy away from vegetarian food. She even invites me whenever she hears of new vegetarian restaurants and vice-versa. We've been talking about a Vegetarian restaurant in the UP Diliman area for some time now but we've never gotten the chance to actually go there and try the food. I, however,  for numerous times, have attempted to eat there but no matter who I was with, we always backed out because the resto and parking were always full.

After several failed attempts, I was finally able to try Pino (and Pipino restaurants) two Fridays ago! Surprisingly, we were the only patrons when we arrived. Anway, enough with the small talk, I'm sure you're dying to see what we ordered.
The famous, thirst-quenching Pino Iced Tea! <3

We couldn't get enough of this! Even my "date" who isn't fond of flavored drinks asked for a refill :)

I can't stop eating this! Mushroom Salpicao
The Mushroom Salpicao can be found in the Pino and Pipino menus.

Vegetable Tempura
The vegetable tempura was okay. This dish can be found in Pipino's menu. The following dishes are all found in Pino's menu:
Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Bagnet and Tofu Stack-o with Mushroom Rice
I'm addicted to tofu again and if I haven't mentioned it before, I also LOVE bagnet. So this was a no-brainer choice for me. I was initially planning to try the Pipino main courses (like the watermelon steak or the buckwheat soba or the tofu omelette) but this dish from Pino caught my eye.

ADDENDUM (Food ordered on my 2nd time at Pino/Pipino, this time with the fambam!) -  

You can say that we were too excited to eat (and yes, soooo hungry) that I forgot to take pictures of the viands. But hey, give me a little credit.. I still remembered to take pictures of the portions I took. Haha.

Crispy Shrimps with Salted Egg
Ahhh! I'm already salivating just by looking at the picture. It was crunchy and perfectly salted. You won't stop popping some shrimp and egg in your mouth until the dish is wiped out. I should know, that's what happened to us and to our order. :))

Laing-Stuffed Crispy Pata

Red Wine Adobong Tadyang
I liked that this tasted like barbecued pork.

I can't believe it took me so long to finally try Pipino Vegetarian Food and Pino Resto Bar. If only I knew that the food is soooo good, then I would've forced my way into the restaurant much much sooner. Drooling from all the delectable pictures above? What are you waiting for? Visit them at 39 Malingap St. Teachers Village East QC.

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  1. wow! all these photos makes me hungry!

    before, when i still have spare time at the office, i always read your blog :)

    but i only see Ninin's posts.

    anyway, keep on blogging! :)
    more power!



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