Wednesday, September 19, 2012

TMF Guide on how to be LikeaPOGI

Since we think Nivea's #LikeaPOGI campaign is so amusing, we've listed here a couple of pointers on how men can be LikeaPOGI! (boys, take note!)

1. Bawal pa-cool. Being cool should come naturally! Please do away with the pa-cool texts. That winking smiley at the end is so irritating!

2. Sabi nga, "ang panliligaw, parang homework. Sa bahay ginagawa". 'Nuff said.

3. Kapag 'di nasisindak pag sinabihan mong kailangan kang ipagpaalam sa strict mong parents. (Guys, one of the toughest girl "tests" kaya ito!)

4. Take note: Perfume goes a loooooong way. (Think: the axe effect)

5.  Responsible men are sexy. Find a job. Set goals. Show that you have ambition. That's sexy.

6. Flowers and gifts never go out of style!

7. Good morning / Good night texts are major turn ons. We girls like to think we are the first (and last) thing that comes to your mind when you guys wake up / go to bed.

8. Brainy is the new sexy! We can't emphasize this more. It does not mean you have to be a geek or a genius, but having a good education and treasuring it scores major points.

Any more tips? Feel free to add to our list or post on twitter with the hash tag #LikeaPOGI

Twitter Hash Tag: #LikeaPOGI

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