Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Get crafty!

We only have 90 days left until Christmas! I'm a crammer when it comes to shopping for Christmas gifts but over time, I've learned that it's best (financially and emotionally) to buy gifts days, weeks, even months before December 25. Aside from the gift itself, I'm also usually stressed about how the gift is wrapped. It has to be nice enough that you make the recipient more excited to get a present. For me, the greatest compliment one could get about their gift-wrapping is that the wrapping is sooo beautiful that they don't want to open the gift anymore. Hehe.

Since my addiction to kraft paper and washi tape, I've been practicing my crafting and gift wrapping skills whenever birthdays of family members are approaching.

Here are some of my Washi Tape + Kraft Paper (more like Pattern Paper) creations which you could easily do for your Christmas presents!

Used glossy design tape with washi tape
Hope my "creations" gave you wrapping ideas and inspired you to DIY. ;)

1 comment:

  1. Pasko na ba? Pasko na ba? I want to get my gift wrapped in your pretty personalized wrappers naaaa! :)


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