Friday, October 26, 2012

MUST watch: Tiktik

...because I think this film deserves a blog post. TMF readers, we highly recommend you watch Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles.

 I thought it was a horror movie but much more than just a movie, it is Pinoy film-making at its best!

The really unique thing about it is that it shot entirely on a green screen. So the background and everything is digitally created. If you've seen the film Sin City, you'd get what I mean.

The scenes and colors are so beautiful! It's such a new and refreshing concept. The plot was simple yet it was so hilarious! The acting was also simple yet extremely believable we found ourselves getting so into each character. I personally laughed a lot the entire film! It was funny but not cheesy funny. It was just so natural!

We absolutely loved the film! If this is the future of Pinoy films, then we say the future is very very bright! Congratulations to everyone behind Tiktik! Our hats off to you!

TMF rating: 10/10 stars!


  1. Wow. 10/10 rating. Sounds interesting!

  2. yes it is! it is one of the best Filipino-made films of this generation :)


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