Saturday, May 25, 2013


I enjoy Instagram a lot. I think it's because I like taking photographs and enjoy looking at beautiful photos as well. Well, lately I realized that I have been posting a lot more quotes on my Instagram. The thing with me and quotes is that, I like making my own images. I read something I like and is prompted to share it but instead of just looking for an image online, I make my own version by handwriting it or something.

Well, here's a collection of some quotes that I've posted on Instagram. The images are all original :)

Instagram-ing really is so much fun! It feeds my creativity! I'm weird when it comes to social media, normally I post different things in my accounts. For example, something I posted on my twitter is not on my Facebook, or those I post on my Facebook is not on Twitter and vice versa. I'm weird like that because I like segregating my "audience". So the things I post in my accounts are quite different from each other. My friends who do not follow me on Instagram most likely haven't seen these photos. Yeah, I'm weird like that. Hahaha :P

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