Monday, May 13, 2013

Unwind with games

I've been restless the past few days and since I'm not much of a tv person, I decided to download some games instead. Well, thank God for the long weekend because I really got to maximize playing these two awesome Strategy games I got off the internet:

1. Be Richest!

 I am a sucker for tycoon games. I love the idea of having your own business or town and running it. That is why the moment I saw this game, I immediately downloaded it!

In Be Richest, you act as a Real Estate Developer-slash-hero who was tasked to bring glory back to a State. I enjoyed that the tasks were simple enough yet challenging. I love how you're given options on whether to build a residential house or a commercial establishment. It was so cool! In fact, I got extremely addicted and finished it in two days! lol!

Two thumbs up for this one!

2. Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers

I've been playing Virtual Villagers as far back as my college days and it has always been an enjoyable experience. This fifth installment is no exception as I found myself getting happy and agitated at how complicated the game is. Already I'm behind schedule as my first "tribe" all died leaving me with one child, which in any case wouldn't be enough to sustain me (children do not do anything but run around and collect stuff).
I sorely had to start over which is really annoying. But the fact that I had to start over says the game isn't as easy as it looks! It really requires strategizing especially when you first build your tribe and you have to choose five members.

It's a really cool game. What I love about it is that it runs on real time so even if you're not playing, things happen to your tribe (i.e. they grow older, crops grow, they learn skills, etc.) This makes for a very enjoyable game play and really keeps you on your toes!

I find myself checking my tribe every so often just to make sure that they're not all dead or something. Lol!

I had so much fun playing games! It has been a while since I last played and it reminded just how enjoyable it is. I'm thankful for the long weekend because it allowed me to finish Be Richest (hahaha!) and get a good foundation on Virtual Villagers. Lol!

Games are a great way to unwind, especially if you just need something that won't require much thinking-- or in this case, a fun way of using your brain. I enjoyed this weekend a lot because of these games, and even if I know I won't have the liberty of time to play as much as I did this weekend, I'm nonetheless glad I got to play these games. It's a different kind of happy, if you know what I mean :P

How 'bout you guys, do you play games too? What do enjoy playing?

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