Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gourmet Snacking

I'm not very much of a health freak which is ironic co'z I'm vegetarian. But there are days that I crave for healthy food in my system and it is then that I try hard to look for snacks that are a little less commercial. Often times, I end up eating corn nachos and dips but after discovering Gourmet's lettuce chips, I don't think I could eat anything less tasty:

I know, all the green doesn't look very appetizing but if you're a health freak, you'd actually like all the greens!

The lettuce chips are so good! I particularly love the texture of the chips. It's airy and crunchy. I actually expected it to be hard but it's not! It does feel eating chips!

I paired it with the Sicilian dip, which is just divine! I love Sicilian dressing, and this one from Gourmet's can double as a dip for the chips. It's so good! It's creamy, tangy, salty, garlic-y and just tastes amazing!

There are so many different dressings being offered so to lessen the confusion, it's best to just ask for their best seller. The sales staff are all very accommodating and they also let you try the products first. Don't you just love establishments that give free tastes? :P

I'm so glad we dropped by Gourmet's from our recent trip to Batangas, if not, I wouldn't have discovered these! So good! I can't wait for our next trip South so we can drop by Gourmet's. Lol! :)

Gourmet Farms
Aguinaldo Highway,
Buho, Silang, Cavite


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