Tuesday, March 5, 2013

NININja cupcakes

I have this thing for ninjas. You know how I like referring to myself as "nininja". In fact, I've built my own "brand" around that label. I even have my entire logo to boot. Lol! Well for my birthday this year, I decided to get a themed cake. I wanted it to be special and be definitive of me so I asked Nao'mi of Bits and Nibbles to bake for me the most awesome NININja cupcakes! HI-YAH!

These are Nibbles' double cheese red velvet cupcakes in NININja design. These are just so cool! They look so cute! The best part is, they are unbelievably tasty! You've read about me rave about Nibbles' double cheese red velvets in the past. It is phenomenal, I tell you! The combination of the moist cake, tangy cream cheese, salty cheddar and sweet fondant made the cupcakes exceptional!

I am so happy at how these cupcakes turned out. Na'omi is such an artist! They're so beautiful, I found it hard to eat them!
Thank you so much Na'omi of Bits & Nibbles for the most perfect birthday cupcakes! Thank you for making my 24th birthday so memorable! You have made me a very happy nininja :)

To order your own cupcakes, email Nao'mi at bits_and_nibbles@yahoo.com!

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