Friday, March 1, 2013

Orange burst

Orange is my favorite color. But for some reason, I don't own or wear a lot of orange because I don't think the color looks good on my skin tone.

I only have a handful of orange clothes in my closet but by some miracle, it was these two orange ensembles I had lying around that saved me for a night with Arabs:

We were to attend the awarding night for the AGFUND prize which had the Prince of Saudi as special guest. Yes, you read that right. THE PRINCE. I was having the hardest time thinking of what to wear because 1) it's the prince! and 2) it's a "muslim" affair. The only thing our boss warned us in terms of what to wear was that it should be below the knee. I hardly have any long dresses in my closet because I'm petite and I look longer with short dresses but I didn't want to offend anyone.
Most of my colleagues however were going in their business suits so I said yes, maybe I'd do that too. The only problem now is what skirt to wear. While rummaging through my closet, I found this old dress I wore to a friend's party. It was orange and had this sexy back detail but it was below the knee making its length perfect!

I remembered I had a blazer with orange detail and voila! I had an outfit! Yes!

I kept everything else simple and accented with gold accessories. I'm so glad I haven't gained much weight since college if not, I wouldn't have fit in that dress. Really, there is wisdom in keeping beautiful dresses in your closet-- you never know when you'd need them.

It's always tough when there are clothing restrictions. Like in this case that I couldn't show much skin. But one big advice is that, if you're unsure of what to wear, just remember to always keep it classy :)

Blazer with orange detail - from Zalora
Orange cocktail dress - People R People
Pointed Stilettos - Parisian Elegance

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