Thursday, March 21, 2013

When love finds you

We go on aimlessly in this world not fully knowing what we want out of it. It's an unending journey of trying to find ourselves but in all these confusion; of soul searching; of finding our lives' purpose, there's one thing people have in common-- everyone's looking for their perfect halves.

Life is not just solely about finding that right guy or falling in love, there is so much more to it. But you have to admit that love, in its purest sense, is what would make our lives complete.

We will aim for success. For a good family. For comfort. For friendship. For contentment. For happiness. For beauty. For confidence. For strength. And for love... because love is what will complete us.

Love is part of that big equation. And rightfully so. Love is that one emotion that encapsulates everything that we've been through and what we live for. It comes in so many forms but the most beautiful of all is that between a man and a woman. It is rare and special and truly magical.

My goal is to find that kind of love. As stupid as it may sound, I still believe in fairy tales-- in meeting someone and feeling the kind of love that is not peaceful or calm, but that which turns your world upside down; that which seems unbelievable; the over-your-head kind. It's unlike anything you've ever felt before and yet there you are, feeling it for that one person. You cannot explain it, you can't wrap your head around it, all logic seem to fly out the window. You just know... you just know and feel that it is right. He is right.

As Haruki Murakami once said, we go about this life trying to find that 100% perfect girl/boy for us. They do not necessarily have to be the most good looking or the smartest or the kindest. They're just their own unique selves.

Sometimes we meet people who come close enough. Even those that are 80% or 90%. It is these people that keeps us going; gives us hope that the 100% perfect person is out there. At one point in our lives we will meet them. Only God knows when or where or how, but as I'd like to believe, it's not our job to think of the when's or where's or how's. Leave it to the universe and carry on everyday believing that when love finally finds us worthy, love will come to us :)

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White tank top - Candy
Floral skater skirt - Meg
Light pink ballet flats - Solemate

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