Thursday, March 14, 2013

Best resorts near Manila

A few weeks ago, I went into crazy mode in search of a good resort to go to near Manila. The whole ordeal was so stressful for me because almost everything I checked out were either too expensive or fully booked. In the end, my plans to spend time away from the Metro did not push through but it did leave me one very big realization-- There are SO many beautiful places to vacation to near Manila and here are just some of the ones that top my list:

1. Club Balai Isabel (Talisay, Batangas)
I have this bias for Balai Isabel because I've been there before and I absolutely love the place! The whole experience was so amazing for me, I know I'll forever remember it. The amenities are great, the living quarters well maintained, the pools are absolutely gorgeous and the view of taal volcano-- just surreal. I remember so fondly how we had a bonfire on the shore, and just laid there watching the stars. The whole experience was so beautiful! It was luxurious, yet laid back and just feels so relaxing :)


Pocket damage: Php4,000-17,000.00 (I suggest getting the villas which has cooking option to save on food costs. It can also accommodate more people so you can split the fee)

2. 88 Hotspring Resort (Pansol, Laguna)
I don't usually like going to hotspring resorts but when I saw this online, I didn't hesitate to contact them to check on their availability. The place looks absolutely gorgeous!!! The best part is, the rooms are not costly at all! Standard rooms are at P3,000, Suite - P4,900, with additional pax at P500.00 each.

3. Acuatico (Laiya, Batangas)
It was love at first sight! The infinity pool is to die for! I had a jaw-dropping moment when I saw their site. The place is beyond amazing! If not for our big group (there are six of us), I would have booked this place on a whim. It was expensive, yes, but really with a place that looks like that? It's definitely worth every penny!

4. Acuaverde (Laiya, Batangas)
This is Acuatico's sister resort. It is also as amazing as Acuatico but relatively cheaper plus, you can schedule a day tour for only 1,000! The only difference between this and Acuatico is the fact that it doesn't have that famous infinity pool that Acuatico has but since Laiya is a very beautiful beach, you wouldn't mind swimming in the sea instead.


5. Stilts Calatagan
This one was recommended to us by our intern who lives in Batangas. She tells us that the place is beautiful and I couldn't agree more! It's not as "modern" as Acuatico or Acuaverde but it has this quintessential look that makes it so appealing. The rooms are on stilts which makes you feel so native and on vacay mode.



Technically, Burot beach is not a resort, so it shouldn't even be in this list. But we just recently went there and it's a BEAUTIFUL place, despite the lack of facilities, and I think it deserves a spot in this list. Click here to read more about our Burot experience.

There you go! Hope this list helps you in your search for a brief getaway this weekend. Enjoy!

Photocredit: Google images (sorry, there are just too many websites to credit. My apologies to the owners and thank you!)


  1. Thanks for the info.. Have a great day!! :)

  2. Interesting blog!. The places given here are very fantastic and impressive because they have a beautiful spot. I will show this to all my friends and I'm sure they will love this place. Anyway, I found your article is interesting and easy to understand. Thank you!.

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  3. thank you and welcome girls! :) Hope you have a great time at these places!

  4. nice article, i hope to visit them soon


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