Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shopping made easy!

Hi girls! How's everyone holding up? The weather may have been quite dreary the past week but there's other reasons to be happy-- like this news we're itching to share from our friends from Elite Garments:

{ This just in! We haven't announced this yet! It's about KASHA.COM.PH, the newest online shopping destination of your fave brand stores. KASHA was coined from the Filipino word kasya, which means fit. It brings together the most loved special collections, the most wanted items and signature apparel and accessories allowing users to cross-shop from Freeway, Ensembles and Solo – all in one place! The best part is, as a welcome treat to early online shoppers KASHA is having a GRAND OPENING SALE offering 20% OFF on all items until July 15! }

Now shopping at our favorite brands has been made so much easier! But if you're not into online shopping, there's still much reason to be happy. Check this out:

July is looking out to be a good month for shopping! Have a great month everyone! :)

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