Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Itching for new earphones..

I'm fond of listening to music. Just recently, I've been plagued on what brand of speaker dock to purchase for my room (I'll share more on what I bought in another post). So, as I've already mentioned, I like listening to music. I don't care whether I have to use a radio, an ipod, my laptop or my computer as long as I have functioning speakers or earphones.

That being said, I've never had to buy earphones. I've never been fickle when it comes to earphones. I used whatever came with my gadgets. Nokia phone? Nokia earphones. Sony Ericsson phone? Sony Ericsson earphones. Apple gadgets? Apple earphones. Even when I needed earphones for my office computer, earphones just seemed to find me! My two pairs of 'office earphones' were both given to me as gifts.

Here's one of the earphones I use. Looks a-okay right?
Unfortunately, I don't know how it happened but both broke on the same week a few months ago!!

I've been holding off buying a new pair because
1. I'm thrifty like that (Yeah right)
2. I'm overwhelmed by all the brands I see in stores..I don't know which one to get!
3. It all looks the same to me (but my question is: Why are some waaay overpriced??) and
4. (The Deal Breaker) I can't justify to myself the amount I have to shell out with the way I treat my office earphones!! - Yes, I tend to trip and step on my earphones A LOT because I have to plug it under my desk (that's where my CPU is).

BUT! You know the feeling of having to have new accessories when you have new gadgets?? I've been told that I'm getting my own office laptop before the month ends so that means I won't have to worry about #4 on my list. Haha. That fact makes it much more easier for me to justify buying the brand which has caught my fancy. I'm so excited and happy to share with you URBANEARS.

My only problem now is I can't decide which color and model to get!! :))
Some reasons why I am convinced to get a pair of Urbanears: it has a microphone and remote contraption, size is adjustable and it has snap construction (for Bagis) or ear construction (for Medis)

Don't worry, I solemnly swear that I will take extra good care of my soon-to-be URBANEARS earphones. Yey!

Urbanears are currently being sold at iStudio, Hobbes&Landes, Astrovision and Odyssey branches.Good news, though! Urbanears is about to open a shop at Podium Mall in Ortigas. ;)

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  1. I use a set of Philips earphones now. It's what my guy friend suggested. I used an Apple set before buying the Philips but I accidentally flipped it the wrong way and it landed on my mug with juice. :(


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