Monday, June 4, 2012

Mother's Day at Isabelo Garden Restaurant

It's embarrassing how backlogged I am with my blog posts. Case in point, I'm blogging about our Mother's Day dinner when it's almost Fathers' Day.

My sister and I agreed to treat our mom (and family) to dinner at Isabelo Garden Restaurant in Marikina. They mentioned in their site that a lot of guests usually have a hard time locating their restaurant. We thought we'd be spared from that because we know the area but lo and behold, we missed their street because we didn't precisely follow the directions from their website. Anyway, after calling a friend who knows the area by heart, we were able to locate their street and reach the place right on time for our reservation.

Okay enough babbling about the directions..let's get to the real are the scrumptious food that we pre-ordered:
Spinach & Artichoke Dip // Baked Oysters // Roasted Pepper and Squash Soup // Cream of Mushroom Soup // Grilled Chicken and Mango Salad // Lemon Shrimp Linguine // Grilled Salmon Steak // 
Honey Bacon Pizza // (and the only food that didn't match our other orders) Roasted Crunchy Tawilis

I loved the perfect balance of flavor of the salad, the tartness of the pasta, the crispy thin crust of their pizza,and the freshness of the salmon. Thinking of how to describe it to you is making me salivate! Haha.

Now let's take a look at our desserts..
Watermelon Sorbet // Chocolate Ganache Cake

The sorbet was perfection!! To emphasize how good it was, we finished it in less than a minute and had to order another serving!

Everything looks great, right? Well, everything DID taste delectable! We're actually planning to go back there for Father's Day to try more of their food.
Everybody's happy (and full)!
To cap of the night, Portia (the chef and owner of Isabelo) went from table to table to chat with her patrons and give a token to the mothers. She gave each of them a jar of her special spice rub.  My mom loved hers and abundantly used it to marinate our meats!

Are you interested to try their food? Don't forget to book a table through their website before heading there. It's a by reservations only type of restaurant so please, I cannot stress enough the importance of reserving a table because they really don't let people without reservations in their compound :)

For inquiries, you may contact Isabelo Garden at (02) 510.6914
#11 Isabelo Mendoza St. San Roque, Marikina CityOpen from 6pm onwards / Monday -  Sunday 

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