Sunday, June 17, 2012

Let's skip to the good part

First, our apologies for the lack of posts. The past week has been so busy! I, for one is back in school fighting the unfortunate weather and the dreary traffic in the Metro :| Still, I keep struggling to maintain a balance in my life so to offset the busy week, I dragged my godmother to watch a ballet.

I was ill and had a throbbing headache but I pushed through.
Bad idea.

I fell asleep in the theater. And even started snoring.

Really, the shameful things I do! My friends know I'm a big klutz and a total goof ball. My life stories often end in comedy. But in all honesty, I never meant it to happen that way. I'm just a magnet for accidents and is queen of clumsy. Ugh.
I didn't understand the ballet. So sad because I've always found ballets to be enjoyable and it's the first time I fell asleep while watching one. BUT I'm glad I was awake during the good parts-- at least my effort of going there was not wasted. Yeah, like that would lessen the humiliation brought by my snoring :|

Hope the weather hasn't dampen your spirit! Let's stay optimistic y'all! And please do take care of yourselves! No to flu! No to fever! No to incessant coughing and rudolf noses! Have a good week everyone! :)

White button-down shirt: Jatujak market, BKK
Graffitti skirt : H&M
Black clogs : Parisian

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