Thursday, June 28, 2012

Barbie school

Sometimes when I get so busy at work, I question why I ever decided to enter grad school and then I remember how happy I am when I'm studying and getting good grades and my doubts disappear.  

I like school.

School is my haven away from the stress of work. I like being with people and hearing their ideas and sharing mine too. Even if most of the time it gets so exhausting, I would always choose to study as there's just something about it that I find enjoyable.

Maybe it's because school gives me diversity. I can never live a monotonous life and three years in the corporate world can get boring. School stimulates my mind and allows me to widen my perspective and practice my creativity. Being with classmates from different fields and walks of life is also very enjoyable, not only do you get to network, you also get a lot of insight from different fields.

For those who are working and think they can't handle going to school at the same time, I say just give it a try. Of course it's difficult at first but it is worth it-- not just for promotion purposes but also for your own personal growth.

Learning never stops and although life can teach you a lot, there are still things only an institution can impart.

White collared top - Bayo
Black blazer with gold buttons - Liberte
Black shorts - Squeeze jeans
Black and hot pink mary janes - Janylin

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