Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ti amo, Amici

I've always wanted to go to Amici in Don Bosco ever since I could remember but I never had the chance to do so. I've eaten at their Megamall branch and Caramia in Ermita but I've never been to Don Bosco-- until now.

I'm sure you've heard of them before so I'll skip the introductions and go right to the good part-- the food. Here's our tasty orders:

Insalata di Rucola con Pere e Formaggio Blu
Arugula and mixed greens paired with blue cheese and pear, served with vinaigrette dressing - Php180.00
This was was super good! I adore blue cheese and walnuts! This was gone in literally 5 minutes!
Sorry forgot the name
Blue cheese pizza with arugula and walnuts sprinkled with shaved parmesan

The pizza version of our salad. Haha! But since I LOVED the salad, eating a pizza version of it sent me to food nirvana! Sprinkled some chili flakes on top then started grinning like an idiot. Define yummy?

Since it was only me and my godmother, we didn't order much. But being the dessert person that I am, I just had to go crazy over the dessert selection! Caramia, here I come! Attack!
...because I couldn't choose just one cake, I had to get two. And I also had to MAKE my godmother order one so I can taste it too. Yuh, I'm pushy when it comes to my dessert like that :P
Pistaccio Cioccolato
Decadent chocolate flavored chiffon layered with pistachio filling topped with deep dark chocolate
The sides of the cake even has a merengue-like icing. Chocolate ganache + merengue + pistachio cream + chocolate = explosion of flavor!
I absolutely loved it! You know how I'm a big big fan of layers and textures in my food and this one satisfied my palate 110%! The cake was moist and fluffy, the pistachio cream was not too sweet, the ganache was perfectly made, and the bits of pistachio added the "oomph". So good!

On to cake #2!
Nocciola Gateau
Indulge in hazelnut cream cheese and rich dark chocolate in layers of crunchy meringue
I'm a big fan of hazelnut so this one was a no brainer! The taste is also not hard to imagine. It's like eating hazelnut-flavored sans rival.

Cake #3:
Brazo gelato
custard flavored gelato enclosed in creamy custard and soft merengue

To wash it down, I had a cup of cappuccino. Really, cakes and coffee go so well together! I felt like I was in heaven or something!

Thank you so much Amici for the amazing food! I had a great time! The trip to Don Bosco was worth it :)

Amici, Don Bosco School Makati

Don Bosco School, A. Arnaiz cor. C. Roces
Makati City, Metro Manila

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