Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy birthday Mother!

My mom and I don't usually give gifts to each other on occasions people would expect one to exchange gifts (i.e. birthdays, christmas, etc.) We have a weird relationship gift-wise, she and I. She would surprise me with gifts on random days but I can never expect her to give me a "gift" on my birthday itself or on Christmas eve.

Well, today's her birthday and for some reason, I felt compelled to buy her a gift. I wanted it to be traditional and in a way, corny and generic, just because. My cousin suggested I get her a personalized gift so I got her a mug:

It really does look like my mom!...and that's our toy poodle Cookie :)

On the back side is ME! Lol! :)
I really, really like my gift for her!--especially co'z the cartoon image really does resemble her! So cute!

So where did I have this gift personalized? At It's Personal!

The items are all fully customizable. You choose a cartoon head, cartoon body, and add accessories if you want. You may even opt to put an actual picture of the person with a cartoon body but personally, I think it's cuter if you stick to the cartoons. I mean, isn't it nice to see a cartoon version of yourself?

 The best part of all of these is that you can get your item in 20 minutes! How cool is that??

I am loving my corny and traditional gift for my mom--more so because I think the cartoon "Ninin" does resemble me! Lol! :P

Happy happy birthday Mama! I love you!

It's Personal is located at the G/F Main Mall of SM Mall of Asia, by the skating rink :)


  1. Happy Birthday to your mom! And your gift idea is brilliant! :D

  2. cute gift! happy birthday to your mom! :)

  3. Happy birthday to your mama manin, nininuuu! :)


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