Sunday, September 25, 2011

S tries the zip line at Outland Adventure Davao

I am much braver than I think! I went to Davao for work last week but we managed to sneak in some fun activities to try. Basically, the zipline was the highlight of our trip (aside from the real reason why we were there, of course).
That's the city hall and to your left is a durian fountain
I must tell you that I'm afraid of heights (so please excuse all my 'fraidy cat poses, I promise you I wasn't posing..hahaha.) but I try to live my life on the edge (haha, I kid I kid) by challenging myself and facing my fears. Well, we do only live once so we better enjoy it right? :)

Left pic: Gearing up! As you can see I was soooo nervous. Haha.
Above: my officemate, JM, and I posing infront of the map
Below left: after riding the shuttle, I saw the first launch pad!!
Below right: my first challenge - climb the launch pad
The view from the first zipline's launch pad

Woohoo! I'm ready to go!
The view from the second zipline's launchpad

I was really nervous to try the superman position so JM agreed to go first (hehe).

After it all. I survived the 2 ziplines and enjoyed the experience!

I would also just like to commend the Outland Adventure crew who were all very friendly and helpful. You made my first zipline experience much more memorable. :)

Interested to try longest zipline in Davao? Visit them at Diversion road, Maa Davao (across The GAP farm) or check out their website

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