Friday, September 16, 2011

Apple of my pie

Last night, mom brought home one of my favorite pastries-- another of S&R's yummy treats: THE apple pie.

Looks like any other apple pie but trust me it is super good! Even Richard Gomez attests to this-- actually, he was the main reason we tried S&R's apple pie in the first place and true enough! It does live up to its reputation!
I love how simple and traditional the pie is! No drama, no nothing, just good ol' yummy apple pie :) And oh, if you don't like too much cinnamon on your apple pie like me, then this pie is definitely for you!
I also love how chunky the apples are! You can actually bite into it unlike others where the apple looks more like jam rather than fresh apples in a pie.

S&R really is full of amazing goodies! First they have the BEST cheese pizza in the world, second they house the yummy Blue Bunny ice cream and now THIS! Wow, I cannot get enough of S&R!

*A whole apple pie costs PhP249.99


  1. Ninin!
    Sarap ng pie! Thanks for the sweet comment on my emo post. Haha :) *hug*

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. dad bought one before but i didn't get to try it. sayang. for apple pie kasi, love ko sa banapple! :)


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