Thursday, February 24, 2011

The good life at Balai Isabel

This weekend, our Office went to Talisay, Batangas for our team building activity. I know, I know, team buildings don't sound too cool, but wait 'til you see where we went:

Welcome to Club Balai Isabel!

Club Balai Isabel is a resort overlooking Taal Lake. It has recently been made famous by Oyo Boy and Kristine's wedding which they staged at the picturesque location.

Really, the place is something! I like it too since it's not very congested yet and it has this air of exclusivity and posh-ness. Could totally imagine the "diplomatic wife" vacationing here. *wink!

Couldn't resist adding this! Jumpshoots look so much cooler when your backdrop is to-die-for!
 ...and because our schedule was packed and I only had pictures of our team building sessions, let me just leave you with some of my vanity shots at Balai:

Haha, no, I didn't wear my shirt like this, I just did  so for this shot. The backdrop was just calling for it!
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  1. Wow. The place is really beautiful!

  2. Wow I'm so behind, I had no idea Kristine and Oyoboy had their wedding here! Haha. It's gorgeous!!

  3. Yes girls, the place IS gorgeous! you should check out the youtube video of Kristine and Oyoboy's wedding, you'd appreciate the place more :)


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