Saturday, February 5, 2011

Celebrate Art's Month at the CCP!

Time for the yearly multi-art festival at the CCP! Time for Pasinaya 2011!

I'll give you the 411 (in case you have no idea what Pasinaya is):

Basically, Pasinaya is an open house, multi-art festival which is aimed to give the audience a glimpse of ALL the activities the CCP will be having for the year. There's dance, drama, film, music, visual arts, and more! The best part about it is, it's FREE! (They encourage you to give monetary "donations", but really, you don't have to give at all!)

So, see you there? ;)

Pasinaya Open House Festival
Cultural Center of the Philippines, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay
8am-7pm, 06 February 2011 (tomorrow!)

Click here for more information ( plus schedule)

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