Friday, February 18, 2011


I have a weird fixation for lips. One of the things I gravitate to when talking to someone are his/her lips. I just find it extremely fascinating and beautiful especially when one talks.

Because of my fixation on lips, I also tend to get a bit OC when it comes to my own. I exfoliate all the time and I try very much to keep it soft and smooth to touch. However, since I 'discovered' lipstick, my lips would sometimes dry up or chap. I hate when that happens so I try not to wear any lipstick at all. But growing up necessitates doing grown up things, one of them is wearing make up; wearing lipstick.

It took me a lot of tries and a lot of periods of having chapped lips but I think I found the perfect non-drying, non-chapping, moisturizing lipstick! Presenting, my current favorite lippy: Elianto's Moisturizing Lipgloss (so okay, it's technically not a lipstick. or is it?) in Melon Orange:

I love how sleek it is. The packaging is so pretty!
The color is also perfect! I tried different shades from the same line but this one is the most perfect of all.
I really like how it doesn't dry my lips and actually even made it softer and smooth
Ta-dah! Kissable!
Elianto is available in all Watson's branches and has outlets in major malls :)


  1. Orange lipstick seems to be making way this year! :-)

  2. I'm really obsessed about lipcare too...I go through lip balms like a madwoman. The lipstick looks great on you! Not even really that orange!

  3. @ishna: yes, this is the year for orange!--which makes me especially happy because it's my favorite color! lol!

    @shoe: haha, guess us girls share a lot of "obsessions".


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