Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Azkals FTW!

I am still stunned at how I am here in Manila and not in Bacolod right now to watch the Azkals play. W-H-Y??

I heard this is their official logo. People in Bacolod are asked to wear white to show their support for the team. White shirts with this logo is being sold at Panaad Stadium right this moment! Que horror! I'm here, they're there! Now, I can't get my hands on one! huhu :(
Since I have to live through my frustration, watching them on the telly would have to do.

Studio 23 will be airing the game tonight LIVE at 7:00-9:30pm! Guess who will be rushing home today? :P

Fight Azkals fight! ONE BIG BITE!

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