Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Party animal

For our 'Winter Glam' Fellowship Night in Baguio, we were required to wear a white top, a bonnet and/or a scarf. What I wore wasn't that glam but here it is..

Had to blur my officemates for privacy reasons (both theirs and mine). I didn't ask for permission to have their pictures posted here hence the pixelation overload.

White cropped sweater// Zara
Black dress shirt// Topshop
Black skinny jeans// Gap
Black flats// Cole Vintage
Scarf// Gap

Off topic: Argh. I'm not liking my hair in the pictures. I really need a haircut or another digiperm or probably both. Rar. Must figure out my sched so I can have my hair done.

On our last day in Baguio, we went to the prerequisite pasalubong stops and the renowned thrift shops. It was only my second time to go to the thrift shops a.k.a. wagwagan a.k.a. ukay-ukay. The first time I went there, I was in high school and we went crazy for flowy skirts. This time, I went with my toy-collector officemates and saw these..

Had a really great time in the City of Pines. Loved the weather, the party, and most of all, the company! That's why I'm partly looking forward to our next Division Trip.. What's next? Sea,sun,and sand? :) *Keeping my fingers and legs crossed!*

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