Friday, October 9, 2009

Chanel crazy!

My goodness, Chanel is driving me crazy! First there was the fashion tattoos and now... they have these uber unique stockings I am going bananas over!

So cuuuuuute! These are really unique! Not to mention, those clogs are to die for! Oh wait, when did clogs become fashionable again? Ah well, if Karl Lagerfeld says they are, then okay! Let's just see if the trend catches on.

These black ones are also equally amazing! Adorable! I want! I want!

These stockings are just so amazing! I wish I'd get my hands on this and its equally unique sister from Fall 08, the two-toned leggings:

A little harder to pull off but stil chic!

Oh Chanel, why are you driving me crazy? I wanna wear you every day!

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