Saturday, October 24, 2009

Seeing with Brand New Eyes

I know it's no secret that S and I are big Paramore fans! I remember the time when we scouted almost all record bars in the Metro for the RIOT! album, only to find it at Landmark's record bar (of all places!)

Top: my Paramore album collection
Bottom: my most prized Paramore album, the SIGNED All We Know is Falling

For some reason, the release of Paramore's newest album Brand New Eyes escaped my mind and it's only now that I remembered to drop by the record bar to get it. I'm sooooo excited to hear the songs especially since Hayley said she believes this album is their best and the music in it defines their style the best.

Well, how was it?

I'm not even done listening to the whole album and already I'm getting butterflies in my heart! (is there such a thing? lol) I tell you it's soooooooo good! I understand now why Hayley thinks it's their best album so far. It's like with this album, they finally found their own musical style. All We Know is Falling was really good but also really raw and had "a little bit of everything" feel to it. Riot! on the other hand, was so angst-driven and leaned more on the punk-slash-screamo side-- typical of second albums where the artist gets too excited. lol!

Brand New Eyes is like a combination of both but with so much depth and artistry. I am telling you, it is sooooo good I wanna cry! hahaha! :P Their first single Ignorance doesn't do justice to the whole album!-- I don't even like it that much! The other songs in the album are incredibly good I don't even have words for them!

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Don't ask me what's my favorite co'z right now I'm too confused and overwhelmed by their sound that I can't decide.

Paramore was right naming the album Brand New Eyes co'z I'm definitely seeing them with Brand New Eyes and from here, the sight is spectacular :)

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