Thursday, October 1, 2009

HBO's True Blood

There are shows/movies in the States that just doesn't reach Philippine Shore and True Blood is one of them.

I have been hearing a lot of raves from celebrity pseudo-friends about how good True Blood is and I keep on wondering where and how in the world they get to catch screenings of it!

Well, I finally gave up waiting for it on HBO and finally settled for the best best thing: Full Season Dvds :P

True Blood is a story of vampires and humans. In the show, vampires can now freely coexist with humans although like most stories trying to mix the two, a lot of problems arise.

Don't be fooled into thinking this is one of those petty "Twilight" remakes. No, no, no! Definitely not! In my opinion, Twilight doesn't even stand a chance compared to this! This one's the real deal: raw, uncensored and morbid vampire-ism.

I tell you, this show is awesome to the highest degree! It's not as "mainstream" as others, but that's the beauty of it. It's so artistically done and so close to real life that I find myself believing the plot.

The characters are not too good looking too but I think they all have this sexiness about them that makes them so alluring to the audience.

One thing I'm partial about it is that there are sex scenes on the show which totally makes it real and raw but at times make me uncomfortable. I know the sex is an essential part co'z that's where you see the dirtiness, brutality and darkness that is often associated with Vampires and other untouchables. So I say, just bear with the partial nudity. See it with an open mind, and please don't let your younger siblings see this. This is definitely rated R (and not just because of the nudity. There's violence too)

Overall, I give this a perfect ten! Another one HBO hit! Darker and more gruesome this time but just think of this as the antithesis of Sex and the City.

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