Monday, October 12, 2009

Have you tried this? Magic Creams Hotdog 'N Cheese

Hand it to my mom to discover interesting and cool products without even realizing it! Here's another thing I caught my mom snacking on this afternoon:

Magic Creams Hotdog 'N Cheese flavored Cream Cracker Sandwich

Mahn, Hotdog 'N Cheese?? I know I'm vegetarian and all and the thought of eating Hotdog shouldn't even occur to me but I couldn't resist taking a bite of this one! (Besides, it's fake hotdog anyway)

So how was it?

Err, surprisingly, it tasted like hotdog! I am actually reminded of cheap hotdog with cheese sold at a store near our Elementary School. To put it in a more "universal" context, think: hotdog topping on top of the local "pizza" in groceries and shops. Know Mr. Mappy's Pizza?

I say good job to Magic Creams for being so innovative! I must say it's good enough to eat especially for those who are craving for a hotdog sandwich but can't afford the real thing. But for me, I think I'm good with that tiny bite I took this afternoon. Hehe :P

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