Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Top 5 Filipino Restaurants

A few days ago, we were asked by an online site to give our top five restaurants. It was a worldwide community so we decided to take this opportunity to do a little country promotion as well and decided to focus on Filipino restaurants. Since we already got together and compiled a list, we might as well share it with you guys. Here are our picks:

1. Antonio's (Tagaytay City) - Hands down our favorite restaurant in the Philippines. If you've been a follower of our blog, you'd know how many times we've raved about the food at Antonio's. It is one of those restaurants you should take your balikbayan or foreigner friends if you want to show them how good Filipino food can get. We cannot emphasize enough how tasty the food is, add to that the fact that the place itself is beautiful! You can read about our visit to Antonio's at the following links:
 On Roadtrips and Breakfasts , Breakfast at Antonio's ,Easter Idea: Breakfast at Antonio's

2. Bale Dutung (Angeles City, Pampanga) - Bale Dutung is another outstanding Filipino restaurant. What makes it extra special though is that it is owned by one of the best Filipino chefs in the country! In fact, Anthony Bourdain has already visited this restaurant and raved about the good food. When we visit Bale Dutung, we were treated to a 10-course feast which you can read about in detail here.

3. Pamana (Tagaytay City) - Honest to goodness Filipino food, that is all we ask, right? Well Pamana has that and more! This quaint restaurant in Tagaytay is an easy favorite because the place is beautiful and the food especially so! Read about our visits here and here.

4. Abe's - Abe's is just one of the restaurants in the LJC group that we like. It is known for downright good Filipino food. I dine in the restaurant a lot of times and never have I been disappointed. It's one of those places that you can count on for Filipino comfort food. My favorite however is still the Sikreto ni Maria. For some reason though, we haven't written about it much in the blog (probably because it doesn't need more publicity than it already has) but you may check out our feature on this lovely dessert: Sikreto ni Maria

5. Crisostomo (Quezon City) - I remember dining at Crisostomo with Sophia's family. The restaurant reminds me of Abe's with its amazing Filipino food and ambiance. The cool thing about Crisostomo (and its siblings from the Florabel group) is that they are able to incorporate traditional Filipino cuisine and make it modern. The result is a gastronomical experience that will leave you (craving) and proud of Filipino food.
photo credit: eatoutmanila.com
photo credit: flickr.com
So there goes our top picks! There are so much more restaurants we would love to add to the list but we'd like to keep the list (in a way) exclusive. Here's to the best Filipino restaurants! And here's to making Filipino cuisine known all around the world! :)

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