Saturday, September 20, 2014

Haler Baler!

Last weekend, I went to Baler with my colleagues. To be honest, I didn't have much expectations about the place, all I knew was that it was a great place for surfing but other than that, I didn't think it would be so special. Well, let me just say, Baler blew me away!

We went to Baler straight from work on a Friday and arrived at around 6 am. I have to admit the road trip was tiring because it is really far and you have to go through Sierra Madre so the road would wind up and down which is scary and a bit dizzying. When we arrived our colleague (who was to host us) laid out our itinerary for the day which included a visit to two waterfalls and surfing in the afternoon!

Mother falls was so beautiful! It is a little tough to get to, that I have to admit, but it was my first waterfalls so I'm not complaining :P The trek can be challenging but for it's a good hike for beginners. A note though, the water is freezing!

We also went to Caunayan walls, which I like calling "baby falls" which is rather pleasant and more laid back. We had lunch by the falls and swam in it after.

After spending half a day at the two waterfalls, we settled down at Sabang surfing beach to try out surfing!

I am so happy to report that I was able to stand up my board after just a few tries! I didn't think I would even learn how to surf but apparently, I'm a fast learner. I may even have found a new sport *squeeeee*

We stayed at AMCO Diguisit beach resort which is about 15-minutes away from Sabang. It's a more laid back area of Baler but the view is just spectacular! It's perfect if you want a more peaceful environment to think and just take in the beauty of nature :) Plus, accommodations at AMCO aren't that expensive too! *wink

I had the most amazing time at Baler and I will be back for sure! Apart from the surfing, I will definitely be back for the suman!!! I am telling you, Baler suman tastes amazing! I only have three words(?) for it: NOM NOM NOM.

Thank you Baler for the amazing time! See you again soon!

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