Thursday, February 18, 2010

Have you tasted this? Mcdo Oreo Coffee Swirl

I have for the longest time, wanted to try Mcdo's 'Swirly' line but haven't got the chance until today.

Hooray for the newest addition to the Mcdonald's menu, the 'swirls' are sooooo yum! As expected, I got the Oreo COFFEE Swirl. The verdict: sinfully gooooood!

Try it for yourself TODAY!


  1. It's too sweet! :( But it's yummy! NOMNOM!

  2. I seriously want to try this out! I only tried the raspberry flavored one and yes, all of them are yummy! :D

  3. eeep! the raspberry?? didn't get to try that one! is it good? will do so next time!


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