Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tea for Meeee!

Flavored drinks are my thing. I like shakes, coffee, teas, anything that is flavored over plain old water! I'm not a big fan though of Green Tea in a bottle (e.g. C2) co'z I think they taste too "commercial" but I'm starting to change my mind when I got my first sip of Real Leaf Green Tea!

One word: AMAZING.

I like the Green Tea with Lemon best co'z it's so refreshing and true to the original taste of tea. It's also very light and not too sweet which I always prefer in everything I take in. I've been drinkng this nonstop for weeks now and I'm still not over how good it tastes!

Seriously, you should try this girls!


  1. Is it better than C2?

    I used to be a fan of C2 but as soon as their line of solos came in, their products have become too sweet. Is it just me or..

  2. Yay, Green Teas~ Not a fan of bottled drinks tho.. :/

    - Jay

  3. @procne: I can't say it's better than C2, but I like its taste more than C2 which like you, I also think is too sweet. try it out girl! I recommend the honey lemon flavor. really refreshing and delish!


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