Monday, February 22, 2010

Tuba goes International!

In a "socializing" event we had for work, we invited a local importer to provide drinks. At first we were joking around because it was called "VUQO" and it was apparently a high-class form of Tuba (y'know, the wine derived from coconut?). But after two glasses of this stuff, I say good job Philippines! Yu-hum!!!

VUQO is the first and only coconut-based vodka. It has 40% alcohol, and has gone through multiple distillation and filtration. You can drink it straight up or mixed in a cocktail. The girl at the counter let me try one with lychee and a cranberry-dalandan mix. My gosh were they incredible!

If I wasn't one who gets drunk easily, I could have downed down more glasses but because I'm just a social drinker, I was tipsy after that second glass. lol!

These babies are imported to the international market for $6 dollars each. Locally, you can get hold of these at the bar on top of Manila Ocean Park. Apart from that, you can't get these babies anywhere else, unless you contact them directly. I am so glad we invited them to our event!

I have my money on these! I'm excited to see them take the liquor world by storm!

Contact info:
tel: 371-1603

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