Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bathroom QUEEN?

This one has got me laughing in the inside:

Oops! Sorry, placed the watermark right on the Label. Hahaha! It reads: Handy Spray TOILET SEAT SANITIZER

Are you laughing now? Well, even if I find it a lil' bit ridiculous, I shamelessly bought this little baby and took it for a test drive. So how was it? Err, aside from the fact that I had a "Paris Hilton" moment in the bathroom spraying left and right, I don't really think it did any good... or harm. I really wouldn't know. It's not like I actually saw the bacteria scampering away or something. But it did make the room smell "fresher" what with its lemony fresh scent. Err... does that count?

I am lost for words on what to say about this. I mean, when do you ever sit on public toilets anyway? And if I spray this, would it actually remove the dirt? Nyahay. But then maybe, it's too early to tell. One of these days, I might find myself in a ridiculously dirty washroom and this little baby might hypothetically "save my life". Who knows? Right?

Wallet damage: 39.00php from National Bookstore! Of all places ey?

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